Kurt Andrew Weber, Ph.D.


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Psychotherapy has perhaps best been described as a process of "combating demoralization."  In psychotherapy, the client and the therapist enter into a collaborative professional relationship in order to set goals and establish means through which the client can reach them.  

As a licensed psychologist, I have undergone a lengthy practical and theoretical educational process to ensure that my practical skills are of high quality.  I began training as a psychotherapist in 1989, and I continue to work to make myself the best possible therapist I can become.  

While I employ techniques and theories from several theoretical orientations, I consider myself to be a cognitive-behavioral therapist.  I believe that feelings and subsequent behaviors result from inaccurate and unrealistic thoughts.  I invite clients to consider the negative thoughts that they employ, and ask them to recharacterize them when appropriate, in order to bring about change in feelings and behaviors.